When the Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1967, two departments were established: the Department of Medical Biochemistry and the Department of Veterinary Biochemistry. Prof. C. Gregolin (1967-1970) was the first chair of the Department of Medical Biochemistry, and he was followed by Prof. C.S. Rossi (1970-1971), Prof. L. Galzina (1971-1974), and Prof. L. Sartorelli (1974-1975). Prof. R. Udail led the Department of Veterinary Biochemistry from 1967 to 1972, and was followed by Dr. V.B. Mbaya (1972 -1977). In 1977, the two Departments were merged into the Department of Biochemistry under the Faculty of Medicine, College of Health Sciences and  led by Prof. G. Maina (1977-1983), who was followed by Prof. R. Njogu (1983-1989), Prof. N. Olembo (1989 – 1992), Prof. D. Makawiti (1992 – 2002), Prof. J. Mukuria (2002 – 2006), Prof. P.K. Kinyanjui (2006 – 2015), Dr. Edward Muge (2015 - 2021) and currently by Dr. Gerald Juma.